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County Government Officials

Here are the people who head your county government and represent you on the state and federal levels. If you have any questions or comments about government services and programs, please contact them. Every ten years, after each census, Congress realigns congressional districts, the state legislature realigns legislative districts, and the Howard County Council, after considering advice from a seven member redistricting committee, realigns councilmanic districts. April 1, 2010, was Census Day. States received redistricting counts on April 1, 2011. 

The County Executive appoints directors of county departments and certain offices:

Aging: Dayna Brown (410-313-6410)  
Animal Control: Deborah Baracco (410-313-2780)
BRAC: Kent Menser (410-313-6521)
Budget: Ray Wacks (410-313-2077)
Cable Administrator: Donna Richardson (410-313-3318)
Chief of Staff: Jessica Feldmark (410-313-3111)
Children's Services Administrator: Keri Hyde (410-313-1926)
Citizen Services: Lois Mikkila (410-313-6400)
Consumer Affairs: Rebecca Bowman (410-313-6420)
Corrections: Jack Kavanaugh (410-313-5200)
County Administration: Lonnie Robbins (410-313-2020)
Economic Development: Lawrence Twele (410-313-6500)
Environmental Sustainability: Josh Feldmark (410-313-2056)
Finance: Stan Milesky  (410-313-2195)
Fire and Rescue Services: William Goddard (410-313-6000)
Housing & Community Development: Tom Carbo (410-313-6320)
Human Resources: Vacant (410-313-2033)
Human Rights: C. Vernon Gray (410-313-6430)
Inspections, Licenses and Permits: Bob Frances (410-313-2433)
Law: Margaret Ann Nolan (410-313-2100)
Legislative Coordinator: Jennifer Sager (410-313-2164)
Planning and Zoning: Marsha McLaughlin (410-313-2350)
Police: Gary Gardner (410-313-3200)
Public Information: Mark Miller (410-313-2022)
Public Works: Jim Irvin (410-313-4400)
Recreation and Parks: John Byrd  (410-313-4700)
Technology & Communication Services: Christopher Merdon (410-313-3500)
Workforce Development: Francine Trout (410-313-4600)

Other Officials

Health Officer: Dr. Maura Rossman (410-313-6300)
Appointed by Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene.

Howard Community College President:
Kate Hetherington (410-772-4820)
Contracted by HCC Board of Trustees.

Library Director: Valerie Gross (410-313-7750)
Appointed by Board of Library Trustees.

Public School Superintendent: Dr. Renee Foose (410-313-6600)
Contracted by Board of Education

Elected Local Officials  

Board of Education Voters elect seven members at large for four-year, staggered terms.

 Janet Siddiqui  
 Sandra French  
 Frank Aquino 
 Ann De Lacy 
 Ellen Flynn Giles  
 Lawrence E. Walker 
 Cynthia Vaillancourt 
 Patrick B. Mikulis  


County Council  

Voters elect five members by district for four-year terms. Council members may serve no more than three terms. Councilmanic districts are realigned every ten years, after each census (1990, 2000, 2010). Telephone 410-313-2001; mail to 3430 Courthouse Dr., Ellicott City, 21043, or e-mail:

District 1: Courtney Watson, Vice Chairperson
District 2: Calvin Ball, Chairperson
District 3:Jennifer Terrasa
District 4: Mary Kay Sigaty
District 5: Greg Fox  

County Executive  

Voters elect a County Executive for a four-year term. The executive is limited to two terms. Telephone 410-313-2013; mail to 3430 Courthouse Dr., Ellicott City, 21043, or e-mail: Ken Ulman  


Judges: Circuit Court, 5th Judicial District  

Voters elect five judges to 15-year terms.

Louis Becker, Associate Judge (410-313-2083)
Richard Bernhardt, Associate Judge (410-313-2149)
Lenore R. Gelfman, Associate Judge (410-313-2143)
Diane O. Leasure, Administrative Judge (410-313-2066)
Timothy J. McCrone, Associate Judge (410-313-2149)

District Court Judges  

The Governor appoints District Court judges.

Neil Edward Axel
Pamila Brown
Sue Ellen Hantman
Mary C. Reese
Ricardo D. Zwaig

Other Court Officials  

Voters elect the following for four-year terms:

Clerk of the Court: Wayne A. Robey, Acting Clerk (410-313-3825)
Judges of Orphans Court: Anne Dodd, Sherae McNeal, Leslie Turner (410-313-2133)
Register of Wills: Byron MacFarlane (410-313-2133)

Masters in Chancery, Circuit Court

Mary M. Kramer
Elaine Patrick
William Tucker


Voters elect a sheriff for a four-year term with no term limit.

James F. Fitzgerald (410-313-2150)

State's Attorney  

Voters elect a State's Attorney for a four-year term. There are no term limitations.

Dario Broccolino (410-313-2108)