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Recreation and Parks Board

This Advisory Board provides recommendations relating to plans, policies and programs for public recreation, and to review plans for and hold hearings on the acquisition and development of land for public recreation and open space. 
All members must be Howard County residents.
2014-2015 Members include:
Dr. Joel Goodman (Chair), Ms. Sylvia Ramsey (Vice Chair), Mr. John R. Byrd (Recording Secretary), Mr. Chuck Parvis (Board of Education), Ms. Cynthia Vaillancourt (Board of Education Designee), Mr. William Santos (Planning Board Designee), Mr. Thomas Franklin, Ms. Joanne Kiebler, Mr. Daniel Tracy and Ms. Winnie Tsao (Student).

Appointed by:  

County Executive appoints. County Council confirms.


2011 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes    
2012 Advisory Board Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes    
2013 Advisory Board Meeting Dates   
2013 Advisory Board Agenda and Minutes   
2014 Advisory Board Meeting Dates    
2014 Advisory Board Agenda and Minutes   
2015 Advisory Board Meeting Dates   
2015 Advisory Board Agenda and Minutes   

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