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Recycling (home page)

Alan Wilcom, Chief

6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

Recycling Program Overview

    Paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastics, and glass bottles & jars can be combined all together. A blue cart, bin or see-through bag is all you need. More... 

    Questions? help@howardcountyrecycles.org or 410-313-6444

What's New

Feed the Green Bin!

    Good news! This October, we will expand green bin collection into more areas of Columbia! Visit FeedTheGreenBig.org for details about what's accepted and to see if you're in the collection area. Residents in the new area will also receive sign-up postcards in their mail.

Labor Day Schedule

    There will be no curbside collections on Monday, September 1, 2014. All recycling & trash collections will slide and be made one day later that week. For a chart of your collection days, please visit our Holiday Schedule website.

    The Alpha Ridge Landfill will be closed Monday, September 1, 2014.

Summer FUN!

    Don’t forget your friend the recycle bin! Be sure to feed it lots of empty recyclables – it’s always hungry! No need to rinse items, just make sure it’s empty.

    Your bin’s favorite summertime snacks: plastic cups & plates, juice boxes, soda bottles, aluminum cans & foil, empty sunscreen bottles, glass bottles & jars. And some it doesn’t like: napkins/paper towels, chip bags/snack wrappers, leftover food, glow sticks, balloons.

Apartment & Condo Recycling

    The State of Maryland has mandated that recycling services be provided at all apartment and condominium properties with 10 or more units. Learn more...

Compost, Mulch, Topsoil Available at ARL

Compost/Rain Barrel Demonstration Schedule

What Should I Do With...?

    Have something you don't know what to do with? Click here.


Click below for printable signs and brochures.

recycle chart 2012a   recyclables only 2012   Brochure Cover - Recycling  ARL cover 

Brochure Cover -  HHW  yard trim cover   trash brochure cover   compost cover 

spanish recycling cover    spanish trash brochure    Korean recycling brochure   korean trash brochure 

Click on the topics below for more information.


Waste Management Recycle America
(Recycling Processor)
Recycling Plant video - still image 
Recycling Commercial
Recycling Commercial - still shot 
Food Scrap Videos 
Compilation how-to video (all of the sections below)
food scraps intro 
Indoor Collection Containers
food scraps collection containers2 
Indoor Tips
food scraps indoor tips2 
Cart Basics
food scrap cart basics 
Outdoor Tips
food scraps outdoor tips 
Backyard Composting
food scraps backyard composting 
Styrofoam Videos 
Plastic Foam Recycling Basics
Plastic Foam 1 
Unacceptable Items
Plastic Foam 2  
Check out the Sign
Plastic Foam 3 
Student Made Videos 
Don't Trash This!
don't trash this 
What Can I Recycle?
ins and outs 
Don't Be a Tree Puncher
tree puncher