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Tips for Creating a Partnership With Your Family Child Care Provider

Show up at pre-arranged times
If you have an appointment to meet your provider, be on time. If you cannot keep your appointment, call! Remember, your provider has other children to care for and a family to tend to.
If you will be dropping off your child a little early or picking up a little late, ALWAYS call ahead to let the provider know. Five to 10 minutes can really make a difference.

Pay on Time
Don't be late with your payment. Remember, this is your provider's source of income and he or she relies on this money to meet financial obligations.

Children should arrive prepared for the day
Make sure your child arrives ready for the day. The child should be clean, wear clean clothes, wear a clean diaper, and be fed (unless arrangements have been made). Listen to the weather report and be prepared with the appropriate clothes. On days with inclement weather, include snow boots and snowsuit.

Do not bring a sick child to child care
If your child is not feeling well before it is time to go to the provider's home and you don't know if you should bring him/her, call your provider and ask her opinion. If your child has a fever or rash, or is vomiting, the child must stay home.

Communication is very important
Always have a open line of communication with your child care provider. Let her know how you feel about the care your child is receiving. If there is a problem, let her know. If you are pleased, let her know that, too. Send a note to your provider if it is hard to talk over the children's voices or call her in the evening. (Make sure you don't call too late.)

Follow the provider's business practices
Most providers have a contract or agreement that you must sign. Read it carefully and, if you have any questions, talk about it. Refer to it often since it usually covers issues such as medicines, meals, overtime fees, vacations, and a sick policy.

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