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Disabilities Services

To locate programs and services for adults with disabilities, contact Maryland Access Point (MAP), the Howard County Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC), at 410-313-5980 (voice/relay) or map@howardcountymd.gov.  


Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) 

Enacted in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a comprehensive, wide-ranging civil rights law which protects people with disabilities from discrimination in employment, state and local government services, public accommodations, transportation, and telecommunications. The regulations implementing the law are organized into five titles or sections.


Title II of the ADA applies to public entities, including state and local governments, and prohibits discrimination based on disability in all aspects of government programs and services. Title II also requires that state and local governments communicate effectively with people with disabilities and make reasonable modifications to policies, procedures and practices upon request in order to provide qualified individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all programs and services. 


Howard County is committed to the goals of the ADA.  The Department of Citizen Services’ ADA Team provides training and technical assistance to County departments and provides information and assistance to the public regarding the accessibility of County programs and services. Howard County's Office of Human Resources ensures that the County’s employment policies, procedures and practices are implemented in compliance with the ADA.  


All Howard County government departments and agencies work to ensure accessibility and welcome participation by people with disabilities in all of their activities, programs and services.  


Contact Howard County's ADA Team 

Howard County's ADA Team handles questions and concerns regarding accessibility and ADA compliance of facilities, programs and services operated by Howard County Government.  The team also provides resources for private sector ADA and fair housing issues.  If you need assistance, please contact: 

Michelle Henry, ADA Coordinator  

Email: mhenry@howardcountymd.gov  

Phone: 410-313-6431 (voice/relay)

Erica Lewis, ADA Specialist  

Email: ealewis@howardcountymd.gov  

Phone: 410-313-6402 (voice/relay)


Find more information regarding disability resources, including how to:


Locate programs and services for individuals with disabilities: 

Contact Maryland Access Point (MAP), the Howard County Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). MAP's primary function is to serve as a gateway for information, assistance and referral for older adults, persons with disabilities, family members, caregivers, and health or business professionals. Call 410-313-5908 (voice/relay) or email map@howardcountymd.gov for assistance, or visit the searchable database at www.marylandaccesspoint.info.


Request accommodations, or a sign-language interpreter for a Howard County government-sponsored event, activity, program, or meeting:  

Contact the program or department sponsoring the event (see the event notice for contact information).


Request documents for a County government program, activity or event in an alternate format (Braille, large print or other format):  

Contact the County department offering the program, activity or event.


Learn more about your rights as an individual with a disability:   

Contact the U.S. Department of Justice* for information regarding federal disability rights laws.


Obtain a motor vehicle disability placard or license plate, or request a reserved disability parking space in a residential area:

Visit the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s Disability Parking* web page. If you are not automatically re-directed, please click here.


Locate transportation services for individuals with disabilities: 

Contact RTA Mobility*, a specialized transportation service for individuals who are unable to ride fixed route transportation services due to disability or age. RTA Mobility consists of two service components; general paratransit and ADA paratransit. For information about the RTA Mobility Certification Process, call 1-800-270-9553 (voice/relay).


Learn more about housing options in Howard County:  

Contact the Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development, which administers housing programs and resources, by phone at 410-313-6320 or 410-313-6318 (voice relay), or visit their website.  The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development provides a searchable database* of available housing, including accessibility features.


Learn more about homeless resources in Howard County: 

Contact the Department of Citizen Services, which is responsible for planning and coordinating homeless services in Howard County, and administers the Federal and State grants which fund homeless services. A continuum of services is available, including:

  • Outreach, assessment, and prevention
  • Emergency shelter  
  • Transitional housing  
  • Permanent housing with supportive services
  • Permanent housing
  • Supportive services

For more information regarding these resources, contact Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center* at 410-531-6677 (voice/relay).


Learn more about the Howard County Commission on Disability Issues (CDI): 

Visit the Commission on Disability Issues web page for a list of current commission members, upcoming meetings and program information.    


* As a service to its website visitors, the Department of Citizen Services (DCS) has provided hyperlinks to informational resources developed by other agencies or organizations that provide services or programs to County residents. DCS cannot guarantee the relevance, completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information provided on these non-County links. DCS does not endorse any non-County organizations' products, services, or viewpoints. DCS is not responsible for any materials stored on other non-County web sites, nor is it liable for any inaccurate, defamatory, offensive or illegal materials found on other Web sites, and that the risk of injury or damage from viewing, hearing, downloading or storing such materials rests entirely with the user.