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Community Service Partnerships


Howard County, through its Department of Citizen Services, offers grants to nonprofit organizations providing critical human services in the county.

To be eligible for funding, an agency must:

  • be a 501 (c)(3) or 501 (c)(4) nonprofit,
  • serve the residents of Howard County (if the agency serves a larger geographic area, funding may only be requested for those services that are offered within Howard County), and
  • make their services available to eligible residents in conformance with federal, state, and local housing and human rights law.


Help to Others: H2O Fund 

The Howard County Bureau of Utilities, Department of Public Works and the Department of Citizen Services have partnered together to develop a grant opportunity “Help to Others – H2O Fund." 

"The Howard County Bureau of Utilities, Department of Public Works mission is to provide residents of Howard County with public water and sewer services.Often residents who have substantial water bills as well as difficult financial circumstances have trouble paying those bills. Financial assistance is often critical to remain in their housing. The County has embarked upon a program to provide financial relief to needy residents for their public water and sewer bills.
Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 12, 2014. 

  • Applications are to be mailed or delivered to: Department of Citizen Services, Attention: Wanda Travis, 6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 300, Columbia, MD 21046.  
  • Send electronic submissions to wtravis@howardcountymd.gov. 
  • For more information contact Vidia Dhanraj at 410-313-5953 or vdhanraj@howardcountymd.gov. 
  • For general information about the completion of this application, or if you need it in an alternate format, contact Kristin Weschler at kweschler@howardcountymd.gov or 410-313-5996 
  • H2O Grant Application  

FY15 Community Service Partnership Grants

CSP grants provide 501(c)(3) and 501c4 nonprofit organizations with funding to support the delivery of essential human services in the Howard County community. CSP funds may be used for operating expenses to support the ongoing administrative functioning of an agency, project expenses to support the cost of a specific program or service, and/or direct client assistance. For more information, call 410-313-6400.

To access the FY15 application and budget forms, please click on the following links: 

FY15 Operating Application Package 

Agency Budget_Expenses 

Agency Budget_Revenue  

For a listing of the FY15 Community Services Partnership grant recipients, please click here. In general, grant funds can be used for either agency operating costs, direct program costs or a combination of the two. CSP funding cannot be used as capital project grants. For questions regarding the Community Service Partnership Program, please call 410-313-6400 or email citizen@howardcountymd.gov  



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The Department of Citizen Services is the public agency responsible for planning and coordinating homeless services in Howard County, and administers the Federal and State grants which fund homeless services. A continuum of services is available, including

  • Outreach, assessment, and prevention;
  • Emergency shelter;
  • Transitional housing;
  • Permanent housing with supportive services;
  • Permanent housing; and
  • Supportive services.

The 2013 application process for Continuum of Care funding through HUD has been completed. Those interested in applying for project funds in the future can review the application at www.hudhre.info and the following resources: 

The window for accepting project applications by the Department of Citizen Services is now closed. For information, contact:

Vidia Dhanraj, Coordinator of Community Partnerships
Howard County Department of Citizen Services
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 300
Columbia, MD 21046
410-313-5953 (voice/relay)

Email: vdhanraj@howardcountymd.gov 

CONTINUUM OF CARE (CoC) Project Applications

The Evaluation Resource Allocation committee of the Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency has reviewed the CoC Project Applications and has ranked them by priority, in line with the Howard County funding for homeless services and HUD’s funding priorities.  The projects are ranked as follows: 

Tier 1 Projects: 

1. Mental Health Authority – Shelter + Care: $167,010  

2. McKinney I - $352,312  

3. McKinney II - $202,825  

4. McKinney III - $69,553 

5. McKinney V - $23,149 

6. McKinney IV - $16,949 


Tier 2 Projects:  

1.  Bridges Transitional Housing - $71,849 

2.  Howard County CoC Planning Project - $11,296 

Please contact Michelle Hippert, CoC Manager at 410-313-5971 or mhippert@howardcountymd.gov if you have questions related to these funding allocations.   

Michelle Hippert, CoC Manager 

Howard County Department of Citizen Services
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 300
Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: 410-313-5971 (voice/relay)

Email: mhippert@howardcountymd.gov 


If you require immediate assistance, please contact Grassroots Crisis Intervention 24 HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: 410-531-6677.